Florescence 10th Anniversary

Qingdao Florescence Co., Ltd  was established 10th anniversary on the September 15th ,2015. Today, all employees  make a vow and cut the cake together  to celebrate the 10th anniversary .

10 years, it is a fleeting moment in the long history. It is insignificant in the vast universe. But these 10 years is precious for Florescence. 2005-2015, Florescence developed larger and stronger . Today, there are 3 sales departments in Florescence.And the corporation  management and  training systems is improving.

As a member, we are proud of group cohesiveness. We help and encourage each other in daily life and work. Everyone lives happy and fulfilling.

For Florescence, we chose it. But for us, the company chose us. In this case  , we need to share weal and woe. 10 years only a new beginning , as a member of Florescence, we should work harder in the future for the prosperity of the company.

Happy for the Florescence 10th anniversary.

Qingdao Florescence Co.,Ltd

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